-----------------------------VERSION 1.9, 8/22/97-----------------------------

Table of Contents

1. Why in the world would you make a shotgun faq?
2. How do I use the shotgun?
3. How good is the shotgun?
4. What about ammo?
A. How much ammo do you get from picking up various shotgun items?
5. How much damage does it do?
A. How long to kill various enemies with the shotgun?
B. When should I use the shotgun?
6. Why is it so slow?
7. What are the shotgun frames?
8. What are the shotgun sounds?
9. What are the technical details about the shotgun?
10. How can I make my own version of the shotgun?
11. Where can I find this FAQ?
12. How do I get in touch with you?
A. How can I help by adding to the FAQ or pointing out errors in it?
13. Copyright Info
14. Disclaimer
15. Trademark Info
16. Credits
17. Revisions
18. Proposed Upcoming Changes
19. What I Need...
20. Epilogue

(1) Why in the world would you make a shotgun faq?

Well, after reading Tony Fabris' BFG, Dan Tyrrell's rocket launcher,
Aaguudis' fist, Acousti's chainsaw, and Rambutt's pistol faqs, I've decided to
make my own faq on one of the weapons that does not currently have a faq. And
since I like the shotgun the best out of all of the weapons (besides the super
shotgun), I wanted to make the faq for it.
Now all we need are faqs for the super shotgun, chaingun, and the plasma
rifle. Any takers? Well, I just may make those faqs, too, unless somebody
else really wants to.

(2) How do I use the shotgun?

Well, first off all, you have to GET the shotgun if you don't already have
it. Former sergeants will drop them when you kill them. Sometimes you will be
lucky enough to just find a shotgun laying around on the ground. The only
other way to get it is to use the cheat codes "IDFA" or "IDKFA." Second, you
have to switch to the shotgun if you already don't have it up on the screen.
Press the number 3 on the keyboard to do this. Then push whatever key you set
to "fire" weapons in Doom. Voila! A working shotgun that won't actually hurt
any real person you shoot it at! Just keep on shooting at whatever enemy you
need to until the enemy dies in such agonizing pain! :-)

(3) How good is the shotgun?

In my opinion, it is the all-around best weapon in Doom. When there are
single enemies or small groups of enemies, it is easy to take them out quickly.
But when there is a large group of enemies or very large enemies, such as the
Cyberdemon and the Spidermind, you'd better use something else! But the one
major drawback of the shotgun is its slow firing rate. Compared to all of the
other weapons in Doom, it is probably the slowest. But you should still use
this weapon most of the time, because of its great qualities.

(4) What about ammo?

Well, at first, you can only carry 50 shotgun shells. But when you get a
backpack, you can carry up to 100 shotgun shells. These are fixed, unless you
use an .exe editor such as DeHackEd to change them.

------A. How much ammo do you get from picking up various shotgun items?------

There are usually groups of shotgun shells at some point in a level. When
you pick one of these groups up, you get 4 shells, enough for 4 shots with the
shotgun. There are also boxes of shotgun shells. You get 20 shells from
picking one of them up. You can also pick up shotguns lying next to the dead
bodies of former sergeants or just lying around the place. Even if you have
already gotten the shotgun, you can still pick these up if you have less than
50 shells, or 100 if you have gotten the backpack. These shotguns will give
you 8 shells.

(5) How much damage does it do?

The shotgun amounts to "7 points (fires 7 pellets at 1 point per pellet)(not
every pellet will hit every target)." The points are Doom hit points. (The
info in quotes is taken from the "Official" DOOM FAQ.)

-----------A. How long to kill various enemies with the shotgun?--------------

Below is a list which describes how many shots it takes to kill any enemy in
the game, if it is a direct hit. If you miss, it takes more shots, and if you
just barely hit the enemy, then it will take more shots.

Thing Shots
------- -----
Former Soldier____1
Former Sargeant___1
Wolfenstein Dude__1
Lost Soul_________2
Pain Elemental____6
Hell Knight_______8

---------------------B. When should I use the shotgun?------------------------

The best time to use the shotgun is in large, wide, open areas where enemies
are quite a distance away, and you are shooting at individual enemies or small
groups of enemies that are not very powerful and take just a few shots to kill.
The worst time to use it is in an enclosed passageway against a cyberdemon!!!
:-) You just won't win! Anything below a demon is very easy prey against your
all-purpose shotgun! Just keep in mind that it has a very slow firing rate and
will not just totally blast an opponent away immediately. Usually, you may
need to do some heavy strafing and turning to avoid being hit by projectiles.
You will learn more about when to use it from experience. Also, the shotgun
is particularly useful in maze areas where enemies roam about independently.

(6) Why is it just so slow?

That only has to do with how id's designers envisioned it. They didn't want
one weapon that you could use all of the time with rapid fire and that is
extremely powerful. That would take all of the fun out of it! See, each
graphic frame of the shotgun is showed for quite awhile compared to most of the
other weapons. The only way to make it faster is to use an .exe editor such
as DeHackEd, but that's cheating!!!

(7) What are the shotgun frames?

Well, the graphic frames for the shotgun are as listed:

SHTGA0-Shotgun resting
SHTGB0-Shotgun cocking 1
SHTGC0-Shotgun cocking 2
SHTGD0-Shotgun cocking 3
SHTFA0-Shotgun "fire" 1
SHTFB0-Shotgun "fire" 2
SHOTA0-Shotgun left by sergeant or just laying around
SHELA0-Group of 4 shells
SBOXA0-Box of shells

Now, you're probably wondering how this could possibly help you. With this info,
you can make your own shotgun replacement! You can change the shotgun into
anything you want to! Just refer to section 10.

(8) What are the shotgun sounds?

The sounds used for the shotgun are listed below:

DSSHOTGN or DMAUD #2-Shotgun firing
DSSGCOCK or DMAUD #3-Shotgun cocking

And you can also use this info to replace the sounds for the shotgun, so you
can make your own shotgun replacement! Just refer to section 10.

(9) What are the technical details about the shotgun?

Well, right now, all I have are a few things. Maybe more in a future version.

Here's the frame rate of the shotgun.

------- ---- --------
18 SHTGA0 1
19 SHTGA0 1
20 SHTGA0 1
21 SHTGA0 1
22 SHTGA0 4
23 SHTGB0 3
24 SHTGC0 3
25 SHTGD0 2
26 SHTGC0 3
27 SHTGB0 3
28 SHTGA0 1
29 SHTGA0 7
30 SHTFA0 4
31 SHTFB0 3

Whoa! If you add the numbers in the duration column together, then that equals
a whopping 37! No wonder the shotgun takes so long!

As you can see from the chart, the shotgun goes like this: resting for awhile
until the player shoots the shotgun (SHTGA0), then fires with SHTFA0 and SHTFB0
on top of SHTFA0 (to save space), then goes through the frames SHTGA0 through
SHTGD0, then repeats backwards, producing the "cocking" effect. It then starts
all over...

The most ammo that you can ever carry is 100 shells, unless you change it with
DeHackEd, of course. You can only carry 100 shells if you have gotten a back-
pack within the course of the previous game. If you haven't, then you can
only carry 50 shells until you find a backpack.

(10) How can I make my own version of the shotgun?

First of all, you have to have either the registered version, the Ultimate
Doom, or Doom 2. If you don't, then you are probably really stupid for not
buying one of them yet! Go buy it as soon as you can, then get back to this
section. You CANNOT do this with the shareware version!

Well, this is rather complicated stuff, so if you are weak-hearted when it
comes to this kind of stuff, just skip this section so that you won't be
utterly confused. The rest of you that are staying with me, here we go!
You will need a few utilites. If you have Windows 3.1, 95 or NT, it's a little
bit easier. :-) No matter whether or not you have Windows, you have got to
have some files to replace the shotgun with. You have got to have 9 graphic
files and 2 sound files. The graphic files have got to be in .gif or .bmp
format, depending on whether you have Windows or not. If you have Windows,
they should be in .bmp format, DOS in .gif format. The sound files should be
in .wav format.

First of all, the DOS method. You will need the 3 following programs:
Doom (duh!), DMAUD, and DMGRAPH. You can find the last two somewhere on the
Internet. I know for a fact that they are somewhere in .
Just look for them if you don't have them. Read the DMGRAPH documentation
on how to exactly replace the shotgun sprites in the Doom WAD with each
one of your graphic files. Use the names that I gave you in section 7 with
each corresponding graphic. Then read the DMAUD documentation on how to
replace sounds in Doom with your own. Replace numbers 2 and 3 with your own
sounds. Well, there you go! Your own shotgun! Just go play Doom, and your
new creation will be in place of the shotgun!

So for all of you Windows users, here's the easier method! Well, you can use
the DOS method in Windows, but I like using this method. Get the Windows
Doom editing utility, WinTex. You SHOULD be able to find it at . If you can't, then just e-mail me, and I will find
it for you quickly. Read the WinTex documentation on how to replace sounds and
sprites. You will have to put these in a PWAD and merge it with the IWAD
(the main Doom WAD). Use the sound and graphic files that I told you to get
(or make) earlier. You will need to go to the "Guru Only" menu and make each
one of the entries that I described earlier, or you can copy them from the
main WAD. Then go to the "Edit" menu and select "Load entry from file." Load
each corresponding graphic and sound with the files that you got earlier. You
will then to merge your new PWAD with the main Doom WAD, because WinTex will not
allow you to edit the main WAD directly. Whew! That was a lot of work but
believe me, it was worth it! So, exit Windows and play Doom with your new

(11) Where can I find this FAQ?

You can always find it at my Web site, which is located at . There will be a link somewhere
on my page so that you can directly download it. It will probably be uploaded
to with all of the other Doom Faqs. The address of that
is I will also probably
upload it to many different USENET Newsgroups, but there's no guarantees that
I will. You can probably also find it at the place that you got this version

(12) How do I get in touch with you?

Simple. Just e-mail me at . If you want to, you can also
e-mail me at my other screen name, which is . I love to get
e-mail, so just e-mail me for the heck of it if you want!

-------How can I help by adding to the FAQ or pointing out errors in it?------

Well, I doubt there's any errors in it <grin>, but if there are, PLEASE
e-mail me at either one of the above e-mail addresses as soon as you notice the
error. If you want to add something to this FAQ, because you think that it's
incomplete, then PLEASE e-mail me at the above e-mail addresses. I am making
this FAQ to help out everybody, so help me make this the best that I can.

(13) Copyright Info

All of the rights to this document belong to ME, Denton Woods! These rights
will be given to my heir upon my death and will go throughout all of time!

You can distribute this document all over the world if it is in its original
form with all of the document intact and must be in electronic format. But
you have to e-mail me telling me where you sent it. Thanks!

These rights are revocable upon notice from me, Denton, upon my death, or if
I go running around town with a shotgun screaming, "Doom!" at the top of my
lungs! (This won't happen, so don't hold your breath! :-) )

Be content with your rights, and if you aren't, get your own!

Violation of any of these rules just might make you liable to get blown away
by my Doom shotgun and many other things!

(14) Disclaimer

This FAQ is to aid in informing the Doom playing public at large about
the shotgun that appears in DOOM, DOOM II, and THE ULTIMATE DOOM by the masters
who call themselves "id Software". This is in no way intended to promote the
killing of yourself, others, or anything that breathes or moves, unless it's
bigger than you are with a shotgun. Additionally, I claim NO responsibility
regarding ANY illegal activity concerning the use of this FAQ (or shotguns, for
that matter), or that is indirectly related to this FAQ. The information
contained in this FAQ only refers to id Software indirectly, and questioning
id Software regarding any information in this FAQ is not recommended AT ALL.
However, questioning me about this information is, for a price, of course.

(15) Trademark Info

All specific names included herein are trademarks and are so
acknowledged: id Software, DOOM, DOOM II. Any trademarks not mentioned here
are still hypothetically acknowledged.

(16) Credits

I would like to give credit to id for making the best game in the world,
Doom! The rest of the credit I would like to give to all of the other people
that have made Doom weapon faqs and inspired me to do the same: Tony Fabris,
Dan Tyrrell, Aaguudis, Acousti, and Rambutt. I would especially like to give
additional credit to Rambutt. I used the disclaimer from your faq, because I
couldn't think up one by myself. I'm not much of the legal-type guy. I sure
hope you don't mind. If you are reading this, and you do mind, please e-mail
me back, and I will promptly remove it. Thanks!

I also want thank Hank Leukart, the author of the "Official" DOOM FAQ, who
can be reached at, and the information taken from
The "Official" DOOM FAQ is from version 6.666. I got lots of information for
this FAQ from his (with permission, of course). Thanks!

(17) Revisions

v1.0-First one, made in a few hours (not totally completed).
v1.9-Added the technical detail, proposed upcoming changes, and this section.
v2.0-Added lots of new stuff, mostly from "Official" DOOM FAQ - Fixed some
errors that I didn't catch earlier. :-( - Changed ASCII art a little bit.

(18) Proposed Upcoming Changes

In the next release, I will most likely have a .wad file that deals mostly
with the shotgun. Maybe a demo, and a few pics, too... I will probably have
these added within the next month, so please be patient...

(19) What I Need

Some better ASCII art and anything that would make this FAQ better, such as
more info. I would be most grateful if you point out errors, too...

(20) Epilogue

So, now that you know everything that could ever possibly be known about the
shotgun that is in Doom, go play Doom for as long as you possibly can, and
enjoy every moment of it (especially when you're using the shotgun!).